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Saturday, October 27, 2007


From: Dorothy . Beag Beagle
To: Frank Moore

TO THE HONORABLE FIRST FAMILY, PEOPLE; President Frank, First Lady, Linda and baby makes 3- Mikee, First seamstress, Erika, and The Guys, Corey and Alexi
ANIMALS: First cat(1) First cat(2) First cat(3)

I was delighted, totally, with the gorgeous pictures of the extravagent How Berkeley Can You Be Parade, with the above First Family, with charming Dr. Richard Kerbavaz and neighbor person..... The hats were the 'crowning glory' and your kindness in sending me copies, Linda, made me less sorry to have been ill, missing the live event. Well, and also made me MORE SORRY. tHEY WILL MAKE a wonderful collage. The BOOTH was not to be believed, I'm sure made a big hit and I hope that leads to VOTES. It is time that Berkeley, whose City Councils (past members included) and such leaders as Kris Worthington and Maudelle Shirek (recenty honored with a mural) have kept Berkeley on the tongues of citizens in many other countries as leaders in human rights, a good time to remind this since all of America should never be judged by what 'usurpers pretending to be regime' pee all over potentates (pretending they are saying how do you do) and have put most of the country, but not Berkeley, in a category other countries have no choice but to compare the more dunce-like Americans, the religious right, and most 'lost their marbles' Congress people as cousins to the flatheads of Oz, who carried their brains around in a can. But not Berkeley, where there are many good signs, including the Purple House and the Blue House showing the way to OZ and the way to People's Park where students from many countries come up to people, like Jesse, and ask, "can you show me the way to People's Park, yes, it truly is a world known, living, growing emblem of FREEDOM, loving hands planted every flower and tree, each tree having a special meaning, not hap-hazardly chosen, I was on one PP Celebration, invited to assist the planting of an Ash (small) from Oregon with one of the park founders, an original member, attorney David Axelrad, of the Free Speech Movement of UC Berkeley, who founded the Park, Our planting was ceremonious - I had just read for a crowd that day, a 'beware of selling out' poem on the famous old wooden stage of People's Park. Cupping our hands to hold water and careful to make the ground damp after digging a small hole to hold the 3 foot tree from my Home State. And taking time to sift dirt with our hands into the hole, as was each tree in that Park carefully and ceremoniously planted. (David a lawyer in the gold cuntry) Should you need a lawyer, perhaps call David.

So then it will be appropriate that as this Nation has been summer-saulted heed over heels against it's will since 2,000 with a lot of hooded jugglers tossing logicians into the air for practice years prior, and would be writers already beginning their own remake of the Contitustion. An illiterate attmpt by a Hollywood half-grin actor. It is TIME for a President to be selected from the most forward-looking City in the country, Berkeley. A city many-times known for it's racial harmony, neighborhood names sound like a UN congretation. Talk to Berkeley High Students and you will find tomorrow's leaders.


Jesse Beagle
Passionate Patriot

From: Frank Moore
To: Dorothy . Beag Beagle

ah, yes...there will be big changes at the white house [among other places] when our bus pulls up and unloads!

btw, kerbavaz promised he'll write about the parade.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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