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Friday, January 11, 2008

AREN'T YOU FORGETTING ANOTHER MOORE? RE: Who Do We Vote For This Time Around? A Letter from Michael Moore

hey, you are a "trouble-maker" after my own heart! this is what this campaign needs! thanks...and keep it up...please!

m. moore makes great movies. but he falls for the VOTE FOR THE LESSER EVIL con...hence he dropped nader for kerry.

i added you to my E-SALON email community.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

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From: "lisbeth west"
Cc: "Frank Moore for President"
Sent: Wednesday, January 02, 2008 7:56 AM
Subject: AREN'T YOU FORGETTING ANOTHER MOORE? RE: Who Do We Vote For This Time Around? A Letter from Michael Moore

*RE: Who Do We Vote For This Time Around? A Letter from Michael Moore

Mr. Moore,

My cousin, Jaime Kibben, would have been on the Oscar™stage with you when you brought up all the people nominated in the category of best Documentary Films. He worked on Daughter from Danaang. You won that year, Mr. Moore, and you showed chutzpah in your speech and in inviting all who were nominated that year in your category. My cousin's ashes were in the pocket of the director of Daughter of Danaang. Jaime Kibben was killed a few months earlier in Israel, working on another documentary. Run a google. (By the way, I had a daughter who attended Columbine the year you documented the aftermath.)

You might say we have that "Kevin Bacon" connection. Then again, you might not ever read this letter. Will your letter-reader PLEASE forward this to the MM committee to send mail out to list members?

I attended that first antiwar rally in San Francisco. I was in town for Jaime's memorial services. He was with me in spirit and in conscience. He died filming documentaries.

He would have jumped at supporting an alternative candidate and would have used all his extensive knowledge and talent to embrace a man named Frank Moore. You seem to have overlooked this campaign. Perhaps you think a long shot is not worth the film, the ink, the bytes it might take for you to send out a note about him. You were a long shot when at Mother Jones. You have been a long shot for a great deal of your career.

*Time to mention a long shot, Mr. Moore?*

Remember your roots, Mr. Moore. Before you were embracing Jesse Jackson, you were embracing those who helped to take you where you are today.

You have missed an important candidate in your "roundup" of potential presidential elects. Have you heard of Frank Moore as candidate for president in 2008?

I suggest you visit his site and add a few of those liberal dollars and words to his campaign. I have supported you in the past - even when you were a long shot. At this point, do you think it might be time to use some of your wealth and fame to notice and send yet another letter DIRECTLY your constituency about this outstanding man?

Here is an excellent source of information about Mr. Moore's candidacy. You might look closely at his ideas about health care, since that has been your most recent film focus.

*(for the lengthy url impaired:)*

You have a huge mailing list and you have a great deal of celebrity that has been supported by men like Candidate Moore. Would you PLEASE use your white male temporarily-able-bodied privilege to at least NOTE candidate Moore in your notes to your supporters?

A few bucks wouldn't hurt the campaign either.

in balance and peace,
lisbeth west, duckdaotsu media arts
member, IRE
A Media affiliate
member IPPN

Dr. Susan Block wrote:
This is a beautiful letter. Hopefully, Michael Moore will see that he should throw some support to the "other" Moore!

Moore/Block in the New Year

Frank Moore wrote:
money?! what a novel concept! it's amazing how far this campaign has come without any [spent around $1,000 for the first year] money. but as i wrote this, the luver computer died!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

lisbeth west wrote:
you are either up very late or I am up very early... we have three banty roosters and they seem to get me allive thhis early so I can watch the sunrise.

Tell me how the hell to access the salon, pls.



Frank Moore wrote:
we are on the e-salon now. it's just my e-mail community, existing only in e-mails. before the internet, i was on a b.b.s....genie ran by g.e....causing trouble! i got into relationship with other trouble makers. when the internet came along, i started emailing the trouble makers, forwarding whatever they sent me to the others. over the years, more people kept joining...i finally realized we were a community of artists, writers, other misfits. so i dubbed it the e-salon!

we are night people around here. but this is late/early even for us. for the holidays we've been experimenting with long naps.




Sunday, April 28, 2002

Talking to future healers
& teachers
& maybe future
muckrakers & troublemakers
Not really future
Because hopefully
You are doing IT

I’m not talking to the future guards
Of the corporate normalcy
Armed with can nots,
Limiting futures from birth,
Enforcing coloring only within the lines,
Enforcing doing everything

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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