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Monday, January 07, 2008


lisbeth west wrote:

Your candidacy has just been endorsed by duckdaotsu media arts, of which I am owner and manager. You may find more info about my support at my blog, and my commitment to change at

Finally! I don't have to write in Angela Davis any more!

in balance and in truth,
lisbeth west
carter lake, colorado
activist, pacifist with FIST in the air, writer, etc.

(run a google!)

Frank Moore wrote:

lizbeth, you blew me out by what you said about me. the key to this campaign is exposing people to what is really possible. it's a good virus! i'll try to live up to the shoes of Angela, one of my hereos!

would you want to make tapes of any kind that i could webcast on

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Dr. Susan Block wrote:

Fantastic! Angela is also a heroine of mine.
Embracing vote at a time...
Happy New Year!


Frank Moore wrote: is building!


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