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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Thank You and a comment

From: David Barnes
To: Frank Moore
Subject: Re: Thank You and a Comment

Hi Frank,

I've decided to support you in your bid to win the Presidency. Your platform is well thought out and would make a real difference.

My only suggestion is lowering your 75% flat tax on those earning over 5 million dollars per annum. Perhaps, 25% would be better.

I find you and your site inspiring.

Thank You,

Dave Barnes
Princeton, NJ

Frank Moore wrote:

first, david, i value your vote! what i need you....and people like you to do is to give copies of my platform to everybody you know... and/or whom you want to know! you can print it out at

it is an interesting suggestion. i'm open to it. what would be the reason to do it that way? in my plan the 75% rate for an individual kicks in at a million dollars a year and for a corporation 5 million dollars. i'd be incline to keep the individual rate there. but the corporate rate could be 25% for 6 milion-10 million, 50% for 11-20 million, and 75% for 20+ million.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

From: David Barnes
To: Frank Moore
Subject: Re: Thank You and a Comment

Hi Frank,

Thanks for your kind reply.

The reason I suggest lowering the flat rate percentage you have suggested is to avoid diminishing individual and corporate productivity. With the 10% flat rate and no deductions as you have rightly suggested, people and corporations would already be paying fairly to the group obligation. Those fortunate enough to earn five million or more could still have incentive to earn even if the rate now jumps to 25%.

Remember, some projects requires millions and millions of dollars of investment in order to be accomplished. To limit too much the return on the investment would diminish people's and corporation's enthusiasm for the projects in the first place. And I'm not just talking about making money in and of itself. Medicines and technology, as just two examples, can often require huge money outlays before any profits can ever be realized.

I will gladly give out your platform.

I appreciate your aware points of view.



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