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Friday, December 28, 2007

Presidential Campaign Sunday

A visit to three different presidential campaigns on one fateful day
Starring Hillary Clinton and Frank Moore and a t-shirt depicting Barack Obama
Oakland and Berkeley, September 30, 2007

Our campaign is really catching fire! This zombietime piece is truely amazing.


Anonymous Dorothy Jesse Beagle said...

Your photos from the parade really looked cute!!!! The whole election process and candidates (other than Frank) is truly dismal. I don't know which more 'waste of money and time' Obama with a lousy presentation and he wasn't there (I think he had a good appearance on his first visit to Oakland) - just lousy, or Hillary's huge huge huge reception and folderol - just sickens me because it seems to assure she will be the candidate. Not even the sense to have voted against going into Iraq, what sense or 'experience' or judgment does she really have???? Just nonsense, the candidates running, tons of money, trying to get Edwards out by a scandal printed in the Enquirer. Obama has said some weird things on foreign policy (I don't have that down pat, but incudes running in and trying to handle things militarily I believe, in Pakistan and other comments about how many troops to leave in Iraq etc, he sounds like a loose canadidatae on that subject. ah well. Whata sweet guy to do this 'three-some' candidates!! And his writing is good, I thought ---- thanks for sending this along!!!!


11:47 PM  

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