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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Don't like Hillary, Rudy, Barack or Mitt? Try these presidential candidates

Article in the Pittsburg Tribune Review:
Don't like Hillary, Rudy, Barack or Mitt? Try these presidential candidates

Dr. Susan Block: Interesting that now that I’m Presidential Candidate Frank Moore’s running mate, my relationship with Counterpunch is used against us more than my relationship with the world of porn… but, are we dangerous or amusing?

Frank Moore: Interesting...and basically a good article...except for the line that I can't read or write! now foreverafter the press will repeat this false myth!

Dr. Susan Block: Yes, it is not a bad column, kind of quirky, and we’ll leave aside the fact that the writer loves Reagan. But he certainly likes us better than the mainstream candidates! But you know, I skimmed it before forwarding it to you, and didn’t notice it says you can’t read or write! Wow, what slander! Or is it libel? Anyway, it is amazing how much the mainstream press gets flat out wrong. You should write the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review a letter, just to prove you can write, at least. You should insist they print a retraction. I’m sure they will publish your letter.

Frank Moore: That is a good idea! i'll do that. I can't keep up! now people are emailing questions about our platform!


Letter to the Editor,

I see that you ran an article in which my campaign for president is covered. It is a good article...except that it stated that I can not read or write. imagine my surprise when I READ this. So I decided to WRITE to you. I'm sure you will correct this. A lot of people do not want a president who can't read and write. tTey are funny that way. Btw, I have two master degrees...a great feat if I couldn't read or write!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


Dr. Susan Block: Well, see now, this is great publicity for the campaign. And people will be super impressed since they heard you can’t read or write!

Frank Moore: Exactly!

Vinnie Santino: please stop - you're killing me - I can't possibly laugh any harder than I am right now... - Vinnie

Frank Moore: NAH! you can laugh much harder! btw, you did add me to your will, didn't you? YOUR '07 X-MAS CARD...ANOTHER SICK CLASSIC!


Mr. Moore:

I found the article in question. It is a piece-for-hire which runs in our Op/Ed section. I will refer it back to the writer for verification or a correction. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Frank Craig, Editor
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

From Frank:
thank you. will you let me know when the correction appears? to help the writer's fact check, my resume is at and a few of published writings are at

funny, when i first went to vote in the mid 60s, they denied me the right because they didn't think i could possibly read. i was a straight A student at the time. it does appear that we have more educating to do still!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore



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