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Saturday, November 24, 2007

people are amazing pt. 2

if you thought that women said HE IS RADICAL...or HE HAS NO POLTIICAL EXPERIENCE NOR MONEY...or HE IS A NUDE EROTIC "PERFORMANCE ARTIST" WHO LIVES IN A are wrong. she said "are you serious, HE'S GOT CEREBRAL PALSY!"

erika replied, "that's like saying ARE YOU SERIOUS? OBAMA IS BLACK...AND HILARY IS A WOMAN!

to which the woman replied: "are you comparing someone who has severe issues communicating verbally with someone who's skin color is a potential challenge in a political race for office?"


poor obama, he needs better, more savy people representing him!


yep. but fdr hid that. the problem this woman has about my being president is not my wheelchair, but how i speak.
- Frank Moore

or perhaps is not how you speak, but the truths that you speak. I'm listening.
- Vinnie Santino (SPIT)

ah, yes...that's always the underlying problem!
- Frank Moore


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