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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Question

somebody asked: "would Frank require people to prove they had voted on the paid holiday election day in order to get the paid holiday? Was he looking for the slacker vote or the vote of responsible people?" He thought that if you just make election day a paid holiday, it wasn't going to get anyone more to vote, it would just give the slackers a day off.

mmmm....i thought the election holiday was a no-brainer, removing needless roadblocks to people exercising their right to vote. i realize historically [to the present] politicians have always placed all kinds of hindrances to keep the WRONG people...blacks, women, workers, people of different parties, etc... from voting. but i ain't playing those games.

but people also have the right to NOT vote. not voting can be a form of political expression. hey....if i wasn't running, i probably wouldn't be voting. so it would be wrong to force people to vote for "the lesser evil."

but imagine seeing people as "slackers." imagine that version of reality. in that version, nothing much could be done. i never have operated in that version! in reality, most people aren't slackers. in reality we in this country have much less "off-time" than europeans. so even if the election holiday "just" gave people an extra day off, it will be a good thing!

From: Dr Susan Block Institute
To: 'Frank Moore'

This is a brilliant answer. Makes me proud to be your running mate. I’d like to see some of this in your platform online, or in a FAQ


From: 'Frank Moore'
To: Dr Susan Block Institute

shucks, susan! glad i measured up! we just call 'em as we see 'em, directlty, without spin, but with common sense. that's radical now!

the faq area is a good idea! mikee is creating one.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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