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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Da Boyz

From Da Boyz:

" Corey told them about Cafe Leila, and about the city letter ... they were shocked. Rick was waiting for the punchline, being that Frank was going to do something about it, and when it came that Frank had sent out an email to a bunch of people, including city officials, Rick said something like, "I knew that part was coming!"

"Then we headed off to poster downtown Berkeley, plastering the area, waiting for the first opportunity to get a good mocha ... As we were putting up fliers outside of Mel's, a girl came up to us asking for a flier. She said she had been watching Frank's shows on BTV, and wanted to get a better sense of what it was all about. She just moved to the area and had seen several of his shows. We asked her what she had seen, and she said, "Well, some of them are pretty 'scandalous'!" She said she was still trying to figure out what was going on! We told her that Frank is running for President too ... "Really?!" ... and gave her a platform, and she ran back into Mel's, rejoining a group of friends and showing them the flier and the platform ..."

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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