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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Obama Event

From Erika Shaver-Nelson:

It was fun to wear the campaign outfit and everyone just loved it, loved the hat, really like the hat. I handed out brochures throughout the morning and then at the Obama event so it felt like just being there all dressed up the campaign outfit was fun and powerful. I stayed for most of the event and they served cupcakes and ice cream and a woman brought her guitar and played music and the dvd didn't work so one of the guys mostly talked about Obama and some of the issues but they really didn't give that much information. The woman who has been emailing was pretty high strung and hard, and ironically probably a Lesbian ( a minority herself). I asked her at the end what she liked about Frank's platform and she said oh, all of it it's great! But then went off on how there are places for people with disabilities in political positions and basically being president ain't one of them and then went off on something else. It just didn't feel like there was much of an opening to really talk to her and for her to budge so I didn't say much more. Should I respond to her email this morning? At one point Sidney went up to her and handed her a platform and said Frank's a local candidate who would give election day off to everyone and she took the platform and it seemed like she would read it, but it felt really good to be handing out the platforms which are so clear and us of course cutting through all the heavy crap of politics such as Obama's campaign event and to be sitting there all decked up in a Frank Moore for President campaign costume at an Obama event! Jerome took a platform and Lucy a stack to take to her co-workers at Long's who heard about it from when she was at part of Frank's speech. She thought Frank was going to be there today so I said maybe he could come back sometime.


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