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Saturday, November 24, 2007

people are amazing pt. 3

it keeps going! here's the woman's reply:

"erika- from my perspective/experience:

i've been a disability activist for years- to think that anyone w/ that level of communication is as capable to lead a country as an able-bodied individual goes beyond "politically correct" -to -absurd to me.

it has nothing to do with a person who is a bigot or narrow minded or "pre-judging" of someone w/ that type of disability. it has to do w/ simple logic. his wife goes out of her way to interpret for him. the fact that i like his ideas/platform has nothing to do w/ him having the capabilities to be placed into the kind of position he's running for. to be in an advisory position is something i absolutely would agree with, but only if his wife were taken out of the picture. she's a political nightmare in my view.

i've forwarded the link to a friend of mine w/ similar disability issues. can't wait to get his response later today.

meanwhile- see you at the presentation in a few...."

this is a case of WITH "FRIENDS" LIKE THIS, YOU ARE FUCKED! she is the kind of "liberal" common in civil rights movements. they glom onto a suppressed help these helpless child-like advocate for these misfortunates...because obviously they can't advocate for themselves....obviously they need our guidance, etc. these candy-coated bigots are invested in keeping the people helpless even more than the raging bigots. they get very nasty when they are told their "help" is not required.

it's interesting that she is also a sexist. i am assuming she is labeling linda as my wife! she ain't...nor erika...and mikee, alexi, corey aren't my husbands. we don't believe in MARRIAGE. but linda has been my lover for around 35 years....and more importantly linda and i have been working together for those years. if you think i'd let dimwits cripple me by denying that working relationship, don't vote for me. and if you think i'm a puppet of anybody, don't vote for me!

but i have been running for a year...and this is the first bigoted reaction. most people see! of course as it becomes clear during the campaign i ain't just a cute guy, we'll get more and more of this shit! and just wait until we are in the white house making real changes...shitstorm!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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