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Sunday, November 25, 2007

"liberal" do-gooder meddling beast

Afan wrote:
I LOL'd but it's the fucken truth. Here is the nature of the "liberal" do-gooder meddling beast in a nutshell (a very nutty one at that). If you don't want to sign up for their program and do everything THEIR way, they have no use for you. "candy coated bigots". WORD TO THE MOOMMA!

Windy Alma wrote:
I hope you mean "beast" in a systemic way, and not the poor individuals trying to run the programs...cause that's me! :)

Afan wrote:
I don't know which program you are trying to run Windy, but chances are your aid comes with strings attached. When you accept charity you give up your freedom.. That's one of my real philosophical objections to institutionalized charity. It demeans giver and givee alike.
What is your take on this? I'd like to hear from someone in the trenches!

Frank Moore wrote:
which is one of the beauties of my $1,000 monthly minimum income for all strings, demeaning loops, or stigmas.


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