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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Need to visit

From: Brad Cantrell
To: Frank Moore
Subject: Need to visit

I truly support your tactics on economy. The area of eastern kentucky is where i live and you need to visit the area and you would surge in support. People in our schools that are able to vote are really searching hard for a great candidate to represent them. Our roots in the appalachin valley are spread far and wide and your support for your campaign will shoot through the roof

a proud supporter


From: Frank Moore
To: Brad Cantrell
Subject: Re: Need to visit

hi, brad. i wish i could come before i am president. but i'm running this campaign without money. so i can't travel. but i'll come, and come often, after i'm president. that is a promise!

you can help me by passing out my platform....printable version is at everybody to people about our visions of society. i'm putting you in my email community.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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