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Sunday, December 30, 2007

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Zany Third Parties, Part 3!

Here is the third portion of my running thread on some of the third party candidates running in 2008 that you likely know little about. If you missed part 1 and 2, there they are.

If you thought the previous round-ups were were made up of unelectable weirdos, just take a look at this week's gang!

Frank Moore

Ahh, Frank Moore. What can you say about this guy? Quite a lot actually: Frank is a Bay Area mainstay who is a performance artist, poet, essayist, painter, musician and television personality, and all around weird guy.

What’s even more astounding is the fact that he was born with cerebral palsy, can not walk or talk, but has "written books, directed plays, directed, acted in and edited films, regularly gives poetry readings, plays piano, sings in ensemble music jams, and continues to lead bands in hard core punk clubs up and down the west coast" (or so says his resume and Wikipedia).

When I input “performance artists” and “Berkeley” and add them with “presidential candidate” into my handy dandy political calculator, I end up with “insane uber-Moonbat Candidate – approach only when high.”

But some of Frank’s platform isn’t as off the wall as one would expect after glancing at his resume. Not that most of it is plausible, but some of his positions are at least interesting. Here are a few:

1. "I'll do away with welfare and social security. Instead, every American will receive a minimum income of $1,000 a month."

Hmmm, sounds like welfare Frank, even when you say it isn’t. If you don’t earn the money yourself, and the government gives it to you, it’s called welfare.

2. "Government should leave marriage to churches. Instead, any two or more adults who have been living together for at least 2 years should be able to register as a 'family.'"

Sounds fair to me. I have no problem with different family set-ups registering to receive similar tax benefits that married folks get.

3. "An individual taxpayer will be able to direct her taxes to what functions she wants to support. But corporate taxpayers should not have this option."

Sure to make conservatives and libertarians happy. It should make left leaning folks happy as well, but something tells me those social programs the socialists love so much would not have a lot of support if people actually had the ability to direct their tax dollars.

4. "All businesses selling their products in the U.S. will have to certify that their products were manufactured in accordance with this country's labor, wage, environmental, and safety laws."

Sounds great, and won’t ever happen.

5. "The use of drugs should be legalized and taxed. Pot and spirits should be sold over the counter to adults only. Tobacco and other addictive drugs should be sold by prescription only."

Also sounds great, but likely won’t ever come to be.

Frank also wants to cut military spending, destroy our stockpile of nuclear weapons, and ban the sale of arms to any country. That page of his platform could fit nicely in the Kucinich’s playbook.

To show that she’s committed to the Berkley type leftist in the coming election, perhaps Hilary should pick this guy to be her running mate. How could the hard left turn on her when you’ve got Frank Moore on the ticket? And since he can’t talk, he won’t be able to mess up like their candidate did 4 years back!

Frank Moore's response:

ah, i do love liberals! i get, when i look under your veneer of cynicism, that you basically like my platform. yep, my resume, while all true, is embarrassing in its bulk. it just tells you i'm a do-er, that i know how to get things done. i agree that most of my platform is now politically impossible, although relatively simple to do. it is important to ask why this is so. the first step to make what we want possible is to remove deadening cynicism. that is what my campaign is all about. cynicism isn't really skeptism, critical, or realistic. it just sucks hope and possibilties out of any situation.

define "welfare," please.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


Blogger Roland Dodds said...

Hello Frank, I appreciate you following up on my piece. I was actually rather surprised to see your comment; you are the first Presidential candidate to do so!

As for “welfare” I generally define it as “the provision of welfare services by the state.” That is a bit vague, and I find that I often evoke it when I am talking about Welfare States as a whole, but as for a clear definition, I think that will be acceptable.

I commend you for attempting to remove some of the cynicism from politics; if the last few months of campaigning have shown anything, it is that most American’s are looking for a candidate that is optimistic about the future.

But as for me, I will remain skeptical and sarcastic. I find those dispositions to be the best ammunition available to me in these rather amusing times. It takes all kinds in this world, and while I respect positive visions and hope, our discourse requires those who look at those willing to march us towards “a brighter day” and chuckle a bit.

And to be honest, I don’t think your platform is as bizarre as some of your Third Party contemporaries (and I thought I sounded pretty sympathetic in my piece).

I wish you the best of luck during this grueling campaign season, and I will be checking up on your campaign to see how things are progressing.

4:28 PM  
Blogger lavapen said...

shucks...isn't that what you want in your "public servant"...somebody who responds directly, without spin. i did get that you saw that my platform is at least thought-out. i welcome your skepticism.. i think the function of government is the welfare of the people.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

2:40 AM  

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