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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Moore/Block in LA City Beat

From Dr. Susan Block:

Not a bad piece on why the lack-luster campaigns of the front-runners makes “fringe” candidates like us that much MOORE meaningful…

Change in the New Year!
Xox Suzy

Frank Moore wrote:

wow, this is the second article today. he treats us with respect...which he didn't the other candidates, mainstream and fringe alike.

i am about ready to start work getting write-in status. do you know any hip public notaries. in calif. we need 55 electors who sign a form and get it notarized. i was going to have a notarizing party. but i lost my notary!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Dr. Susan Block wrote:

Yes, Mr. Gumbel does more than treat us with respect. He describes you as an American hero.

Frank Moore wrote:

yep...we here are blown out at how the response has mushroomed in a very profound way. if this keeps up, d.c. here we come!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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