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Thursday, January 31, 2008

"liberal" do-gooder meddling beast

From: "Bethany Baylies"
To: Frank Moore
Subject: "liberal" do-gooder meddling beast

I agree 1000 percent with everything you say! Though I cannot say "I know what its like" I can say that I worked with children with disabilities (mostly mental health and some MR) and often their parents were also disabled. Now, as landlords, we purposely make our apartments family/pet/subsidy friendly to make sure that people who need a safe, nice place to live have it one of our buildings. Guaranteed income would make the "job" of being disabled or poor less demanding and make it more possible for people to work - be that in a job, volunteering, or being a really capable parent would make for a better society. Look at the countries with the highest standard of living - Norway, Sweden, Denmark - and you will see a literate, well-educated, healthy population that still has a class structure. People aren't homeless, there are guaranteed transportation and healthcare systems, children aren't living in poverty AT ALL, and almost everyone works - some have BMW's and really nice houses and send their kids to private schools, but the point is EVERYONE lives better when there is a way for EVERYONE to live with integrity. If we, as a country and a world, are going to commit wholeheartedly to living by the dollar (as we have) then we must make sure that the dollar is fair. You are absolutely right that a guaranteed income and healthcare won't cause inflation because they are the majors drains on our "economy" to begin with. (Ex: exorbitant, unnessacery medical costs for things that can be done at home, having to take jobs with a lot of rick (like construction) to get medical insurance and then getting hurt on the job, getting a mortgage when you have a job then losing the job, etc.) I dunno.. I just LOVED what you had to say!
- Bethany

Frank Moore wrote:
yep, bethany...there are a lot of models of what how you rent. it's obvious the system is set up to not work.

last week a tv crew from sweden came to our house to shoot a segment on me. in sweden at the begining of the year, you get a medical card. you pay the first $150. After that, everything...and i do mean free. we are being had bigtime!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Bethany Baylies wrote:
and wasn't the artificial heart invented in Sweden? There are people that say that our "market" system of health care is what allows for such "great" innovation and invention - people are motivated to find new and better things to keep us well because of the money. But there is no evidence that Americans are healthier (certainly! look at the childhood obesity rate!) or that they get better care - all the evidence is to the contrary. Doctors (those not working for big pharma, anyway) are universally fed up with it too. The AMA is supportive of a single-payer system, though they do not spend their lobbying dollars much on the federal level (at least that is what I learned in college several years ago - things could have changed). - B

Frank Moore wrote:
i googled the ranking of the national health care systems...

In a 2007 comparison by the Commonwealth Fund of health care in the U.S. with that of Germany, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, the U.S. ranked last on measures of quality, access, efficiency, equity, and outcomes.[18]

For example, U.S. ranks 22nd in infant mortality, between Taiwan and Croatia,[19] 46th in life expectancy, between Saint Helena and Cyprus,[20] and 37th in health system performance, between Costa Rica and Slovenia.[21]


In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Rev. Bookburn wrote:
do you have a link for the rankings and the stats you provided? that would be interesting to the Bookburners. big thanks.

rev. bookburn

Frank Moore wrote:


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