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Monday, January 14, 2008

Hey Frank

From: <>
To: Frank Moore
Subject: Hey Frank

Sounds all quite reasonable and workable.

I saw no mention of other species, just anthropocentric, human centric ideas.

Does your campaign promote vgetarianism? If not, why not?.....

In this life you walk on skulls, just try to walk on as few as possible.

I'll try to make it to Berkeley on the 21st.

Frank Moore wrote:
thanks! looking forward to meeting you.

actually, one of the passions of my running mate, susan block, is saving thebonobo chimps who are facing extinction because the people in the area arestarving because of a brutal civil war. suzy's web site is

in the interest of full disclosure, i have to tell you that i'm a meat eater...but one of my life mates, linda, is a vegetarian. but i have cut way down on my meat eating for health interests. as a nation, we would be healther if we would cut down on our meat and on fast [chain] food. the huge factory "farms" are a major source of greenhouse gas and other polution. it would be far better if we ate local organic food. corporations are in the middle of a major grab for control of our food, water, land, seeds, etc. putting our long-term ability to grow food at risk...all for short-term profits.

i know that this planet, including all life on it, is actually a living body of inter-dependent dynamic relationships. this body depends on diversity of life. we are now in the sixth most intense period of extinction of this planet's history. we are losing forms of life daily. this period of extinction has been caused by us humans, our actions, our life style. this has been known for years, but has been denied for short-term profits. life itself is not endangered. up to 95% of life has been wiped out in past periods of extinction caused by meteor hits, volcanic activity, etc. but us humans are an endangered species. and it was caused by our being out of balance with the global body. we will survive only if we get in balance with the global body. there is time still. but time is fast running out.

In Freedom,Frank Moore


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