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Monday, January 14, 2008

the Homelessness Marathon

From: "Jeremy Alderson"
To: Frank Moore
Subject: the Homelessness Marathon

Does my not officially endorsing your candidacy mean you won't carry our broadcast on luv radio? I'm sure not, but please lket me know your plans.


Frank Moore wrote:

hey, jeremy...i ain't that kind of politician! of course we will still webcast the marathon live on! i started luver to carry such things as the marathon! last year i listened to most of the marathon and was greatly moved. [what other candidate can say that?] for a brief time i was "homeless." then i was involved in the early 70s in santa fe with a diggers-style commune which provided 2 free meals daily. then in the mid-80s in berkeley, we would go to restaurants at closing time to get the unused food and walked the streets giving out the food.

i think my policies...guaranteed minimum income of $1,000 a month, free universial health care and education, building more affordable housing, etc....would get at the root causes of homelessness. it is all about taking care of one another!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Jeremy Alderson wrote:

That's why you'll never win, Frank. You're not a big enough bastard. But I respect what you stand for and agree with most of it. I'm glad you'll be carrying the Marathon again.


Frank Moore wrote: you endorse bastards? i've been called a bastard quite a lot. does that count? how big would i have to grow my bastard organ to get your endorsement? is there any other candidate you agree with more? maybe your endorsement of a non-bastard would be a step in getting the society we want. see...i'm a bastard after all!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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