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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

German Radio says hello

Hi Frank Moore,

my name is Steffen, I work for German Public Radio in DC. I'd like to do a radio report about you and your presidental campaign. It's very interesting! Of course our german listeners would be very interested in your plans on foreign policy. Who would you ask to become your secretary of state?

Kind regards and best wishes,


Steffen Wurzel
German Public Radio
S├╝dwestrundfunk (SWR)

Frank Moore wrote:
hi, steffen. it's exciting to hear you are thinking of doing a story on my running for president. when i was 13 we lived in bitburg, germany for 2 years. my dad was in the air force.

for my secretary of state i am thinking of either Kevin Danaher of global exchange or my old friend Godfrey Reggio, best known for his QATSI film trilogy. for my secretary of defense, i'll tap my high school friend James Fallows. Ralph Nader will make a great attorney general.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Dorothy Jesse Beagle wrote:
fantastic Frank, to hear more about your appointments considered.

And we have, now, four countries? I would understand that any country watching with 'eyes bugged' and 'minds boggled' and 'hope barely hovering' at America's decline and the 'parade of fools trying to buy presidency' embarrassing us all in their debates, in this America still in swaddling clothes, fallen so many times, but trying at time to overcome the genocide, the enslaving of stolen Africans, the constant disappearing of millions to overthrow S. and Central American leaders, ensuring horrible dictators for the American corporations, but yet, my America, your America, we've tried in our own lives many ways to save by building different commuities, watching them grow. To be in another country seeing - what - is it Superman --- is it....... it is, it's sanity!!!!!! (not that all other governments are perfect, but America was begining to get Reptilian scales showing along it's back) - And then these governments took a look, and another look, and found there WAS a plausible candidate.............they can sleep at nights now, in France, England, Germany and Sweden!!!



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