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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Far West Festival

Hi Adrienne,

I left you a message this morning about the possibility of having a Frank Moore for President booth at the upcoming Far West Fest. Please see to find out more about Frank, and to read his platform. You can also see photos of us at the Green Apple Festival in Golden Gate Park here:

We are interested in setting up a booth at the Far West Festival, if this is possible! We think we would fit right in! Frank's candidacy is all about community, sustainability, and creating a more sane and humane society. Frank is a performance artist and shaman based in Berkeley, CA. Please let me know more about the festival ... Thanks!

-- Corey ------------------------ -- Corey & Alexi Frank Moore for President 2008!

Adrienne Pfeiffer wrote:
HI Corey.

I got your message. Many thanks for being in touch.

We wish to be open and all-inclusive at the Far West Fest, but as a 501c3 organization, our tax exempt status is at risk if we favor a political candidate. If we host one candidate (or rep from a ballot initiative) we have to invite all candidates to participate. This is a strain on our admin mostly volunteer, and already stretched thin.

In effort to strengthen Democracy and open the process, we’ve determined that the best thing for us to do is host non-affiliated groups- “get out the vote” and “Poll watchers” etc.

Frank does seem to have a lot of good things to say; again, I appreciate you being in touch.

My Best,

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Frank Moore wrote:
Oh well!


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