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Sunday, July 06, 2008


We were scheduled to have an info table at the Juneteenth Cultural Festival Saturday and Sunday at Cesar Chavez Park in Downtown San Jose. Erika reports!

We had a yummy breakfast and then got all ready to head out to San Jose. We stopped for coffee at Roma. Frank was in the car with the door open wide and music blasting!! I went to get the raisin rolls for Mikee and I and gave the guy some info about the campaign and he said yes, some of you were already here today!!! We got our coffee which was delicious and hit the road. We made it to San Jose in no time and found our hotel and it was really nice and the room was so spacious, we had two rooms, and the bathroom was huge, wow!! We could see the event from our window!!! We toileted and got ready to head down and found Corey and Alexi at our booth under a tent with a bunch of other booths. The had it all decorated up and it looked great! It was warm but not too warm and we set ourselves up under the tent. A few people came by but not as many as at other events that we have been at. Several people who did come by really really read Frank's platform and really liked it. It was fun to watch their faces transform as they read it. We headed into the hotel for a piss beak and then we went looking for snacks and ended up at the seafood restaurant and sat outside while we waited for our order. We headed back to our booth via the event and checked out some of the other booths. We ate our snack and watched all the people go by in their sexy colorful outfits, really fun to see so many people in sexy colorful outfits, you don't see that in the bay area. Soon the event was winding down for the day and we took a little walk. Corey and Alexi packed things up and soon headed home. We headed back up to our room and got ready to go to dinner. We headed down to the restaurant and it was cold. We ordered our food and it turned out to be really terrible, couldn't finish it at some point the body could take it no more and the music in the background, oh, my!!!!!! We headed out to the lobby on our way back to our room and there was a band playing and people dancing, but that music was numbing too!!!! We checked out the pool and then headed up to our room and checked out the tv but their was nothing much on and talked about the dinner and decided that we could not eat any more of the food and not that much was going on at the event so we called Corey and Alexi to let them know that we would be heading home in the morning and would not do a second day of the event. We had beverages and got ready for bed all comfy in our cozy beds, with a perfect temperature and very dark for a good long sleep!!


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