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Sunday, September 07, 2008

checking in

To: john sinclair
Subject: checking in
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 14:01:27 -0700

hi, john. are you in michigan now? if you are, is it a good time to start working on getting the names and addresses of 17 persons to serve as electors there?

we are getting qualified in another state almost daily. we just got enough electors in california! other states...florida, ohio, texas...are proving to be hard.

are you coming to california this trip? if so, i want you on my show again!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

John Sinclair wrote:

I'm back in Europe now, between Amsterdam and London until October. Adam Brook has pledged to help with your case in Michigan and wherever he may be of service. Highest wishes for your success! Don't know yet when I'll be back in California but you'll be among the first to know,

Love, John

John Sinclair

Frank Moore wrote:
great, john! i'm looking forward to our next meeting! adam's help will make mi. possible for us. i just got enough electors in calif.! we are qualified in many states. we lost ind. because the post office lost my form and lost n.c. because our dude there just gave up way too early even though it was still within our grasp. florida looks very ify, needing 27 names/addresses by the last week of august....and i don't anybody there. i also need help in ohio, texas, co., az., mass., and tenn. but the rest of the states which are doable we are getting!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A new John Sinclair video "The Screamers" is posted today at My Damn Channel. It's from the 2008 Concert of Colors in Detroit:

7:38 AM  

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