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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Re: l.a.gigs

--- On Wed, 7/30/08, Frank Moore wrote:

steve, pushing them to november would work for us if that gets us a place to play....although the weather is more dicey then. can't do it on election week though.

Steve Davis wrote:
whats up?
well, I got a gig on dec. 13 (sat) at echo curio...I know it's after the erection....
hope that s's tough down here these days!please come down for dec. 13TH!!!!!
( my bday is the 14th...49 y/o and counting!)
hope that works for you
take care

Frank Moore wrote:
we are saying YES! to dec. 13 even though the weather is dicey then.'s your birthday after all, steve!

Steve Davis wrote:
THATS my bday gift!!!!
who ya voting for??!?!?!!?
we're for moore/block

Frank Moore wrote:
start passing out copies of my platform everywhere to everybody!


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