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Sunday, September 07, 2008

on the campaign trail at MEMPHIS MINNIE'S BAR-BQ in s.f.


Alexi was just finishing ordering at the register when Corey arrived. The guy behind the cash register was checking out Alexi's "uncle frankie" tank, and asked if that was George Clinton? No, we said ... that's Frank Moore, who's running for president! He knew exactly who we were talking about -- "Oh yeah," he said with a smile, "I know him, just didn't recognize him there ..." Corey pulled up his sweater and showed him the classic Frank Moore for Prez shirt, and he said, "Oh yeah, oh yeah, that's the one! I've seen that all over the place." We gave him a flier for the Erotic Campaign event, and he was just looking at it and smiling ...


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