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Monday, October 27, 2008

Election Night at YBCA

Anna Halprin and Mountain Home Studio wrote:
Election Night at YBCA
Dear Friends

Final announcement concerning, November 4th, Election Night. We will not be having a class on Tuesday November 4th. We will start the new series the following Tuesday, November 11th.

I hope you will come to Yerba Center for the Arts at 3rd and Mission in San Francisco on November 4 where artists of every discipline will gather for this historic occasion. I will be presenting the Earth Run from Planetary Dance with Billy Cauley, maybe Barbara Borden, and Jahan Khalighi at 6:30 sharp to 7:00 pm. We will be the first performers following the YBCA Director, Ken Fosters' introduction. Please come as it promises to be a great time to be together. The event is free and there will be free pizza when the poles close.

Look up the YBCA WEB site for futher description.

There is a parking lot at 5th and Mission. YBCA is at 3rd and Mission---give yourself plenty of time to park if you are driving.



Frank Moore wote:
hi, anna! did you know i'm running for president as a write-in candidate? see i and my running mate susan block are qualitified in 25 states [including california, of course] which breaks the record for write-in candidates!


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