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Monday, October 27, 2008


HaloPixelated has made a comment on on Taxes and Debt (YouTube):
Does anyone know if Frank Moore is eligible in Missouri for a write-in vote?

Frank Moore wrote:
unfortunately Missouri is one of those states that make it virtually impossible to qualify as a write-in...thus denying their voters full choice which voters in other states requiring rituals of absurd hoops. in Missouri...

The candidate will need to file a notarized “Candidate Declaration Form United States President” and a notarized “Declaration Of Intent Candidate Vice President And Elector Nomination Form” (which needs to include the Vice-President candidate’s name, and the names of 11 presidential electors in Missouri pledged to the candidate).

These two forms will need to be accompanied by 11 notarized “Declaration of Candidacy” forms for each of the Missouri electors. 9 of the electors must come one from each of Missouri’s 9 congressional districts, and 2 can be “at large”.


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