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Friday, October 24, 2008

Comment posted on "Frank Moore at "How Berkeley Can You Be?" Parade 2008"

Makron5 has made a comment on Frank Moore at "How Berkeley Can You Be?" Parade 2008:
I want to be serious and address Frank Moore if he is listening. How are you capable of negotiating with foriegn officials if you cannot speak to them? I mean I know you have the laser pointer, but that is quite cumbersome and I do not mean to be offensive, but its hard for the American people to take a front man who cannot speak. Also Cerebral Palsy is a major handicap for you, the disease does make it too easy to expect someone who is intellectually ready. (Even though Bush was not.)

Frank Moore wrote:
well, that is an interesting point. it is amazing that this is only the second time in the 2 years of campaigning that it has come up. i could say i would be better than bush or sarah negotiating with foreign officials. but that would be too easy...anybody [almost] could do better! the way i communicate is no more cumbersome than using a translator to speak with foreign leaders. i am a communicator! i have made a career out of talking to people on very deep levels for over 40+ years, from relationship counseling, directing plays and films, community building, running various organizations such as the web station, guiding several political projects, to being a host for years of a popular cable TALK show! in fact, to get the feel of how i handle all kinds of people, check out the archive of my show at i think the people who would be negotiating with me will do their homework on me and will know i am skilled at bringing home the bacon...and if they haven't...well, i'll bring home the steaks!

Makron5 wrote:
Now, Frank Moore, I know my first comment seemed rather scathing, but I do not mean to insult your intelligence at all, you seem to be mentally there, but I don't believe others will feel you are ready to lead. P.S. May I ask your opinion on how to reform the voting system?

Frank Moore wrote:
I will push for the banning of political contributions and the use of personal wealth in political campaigns.

Each city and each “media market” will have at least two public access channels on radio, broadcast television, cable, AND satellite! These channels will be free and open forums for discussion of the issues. Moreover, starting 2 months before an election, every radio and television station will give each candidate 5 hours of free prime time.

Election day will be a paid holiday.

Also I will push to give every american voter back the right to write-in anyone s/he sees fit. this will open the elections up, will create a more level playing field, and unfreeze the natural evolution of our political system.


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