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Friday, October 17, 2008

let's get a frank in the white house!

Subject: let's get a frank in the white house!
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2008 04:26:43 -0700
From: Frank Moore

hey, frank, thanks for endorsing me on your show! i value your vote and will live up to it! we have links to the clip and to your site on

on another subject...could i air your show on a regular basis on my web station

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Frank Edward Nora wrote:

Thanks for the link!! It would be great to have a Frank in the White House!

I remember from a long time ago... I think Hate The Radio had it on a radio links page, back around 2000/2001? Along with Static Radio and a few others...?

Anyway, yeah definitely, you can play my show on your station, just let me know so I can tell my listeners about it, I'm sure they'd want to check out your station...


Frank Moore wrote:
ah, yes....someone being frank in the white house for a change!

yep, i started over 9 years ago. it has grown! we will play your show from the podcast fridays at 9:30pm pt starting next week. what would you like on your show's page?


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