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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the campaign keeps popping up!

today we got in the mail a copy of futureclaw.

"FUTURECLAW is a large-format (12"x15") fashion, art, and culture quarterly magazine with distribution at newstands across the United States. The magazine was formed a year ago, in the fall of 2007, among a small group of people nestled within the Green Mountains of Vermont. The intent of the magazine is to capture the zeitgeist with an international scope. Our goal is set to document this spirit through the most obvious format: the use of lots of very big pretty pictures and the written word. The energy that exists within the creative mind enables us to create FUTURECLAW. This energy also defines 20the culture of the future."

it's very impressive, very thick, full of expansive art and photographs...and a 4-page spread of photos of the campaign and an interview with me! Go to page 181.

thanks, adam! btw, i live in berkeley, not austin.

Paul Escriva wrotye:
Greetings Frank,

Just finished reading the article in Furtureclaw. What a great interview and a format for your campaign that I wouldn't have even dreamt of..but as I think about it its just another example of the magic and your charisma. I am always amazed how you "get results." Do be careful Frankie I think you are in danger of becoming chic and trendy:)


Frank Moore wrote:
nah! i have always gotten into chic and trendy to explode it!


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