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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Frank's electoral vote count

Blue House wrote:
If Frank won all the states he is qualified in, he would have 278
electoral votes ... 8 more than the 270 needed to win!

Alabama AL (9)
Alaska AK (3)
California CA (55)
Delaware DE (3)
Georgia GA (15)
Idaho ID (4)
Illinois IL (21)
· City of Chicago
· Cook County
· DuPage County
· Lake County
· Will County
· Kane County
· Winnebago County
· McHenry County
Iowa IA (7)
Kansas KS (6)
Maryland MD (10)
Minnesota MN (10)
Montana MT (11)
Nebraska NE (5)
New Hampshire NH (4)
New Jersey NJ (15)
New York NY (31)
Oregon OR(7)
Pennsylvania PA (21)
Rhode Island RI (4)
Utah UT (5)
Vermont VT (3)
Washington WA (11)
West Virginia WV (5)
Wisconsin WI (10)
Wyoming WY(3)

Frank Moore wrote:
this is extremely interesting. and this doesn't count the states that were
possible for us to qualitify in but we came up short...states like ohio,
texas, florida, etc. we did all this without any money and with just 7
people as a staff working part-time. it just shows what is possible. the
campaign has reached tens of millions around the world, opening up new
possibilities. not bad! AND IT AIN'T OVER!

Russell Shuttleworth wrote:
Who else but Frank!!!


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