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Saturday, October 11, 2008


From: Stavros
To: Frank Moore
Sent: Monday, October 06, 2008 7:03 PM
Subject: Tinkerbelle

I just saw the flick The diving Bell and the Butterfly and I thought of you. They could not make a film on your life because you whole life is beyond the edge. Besides that how could they do justice to your life without making it an x rated movie.

I think that I will vote for Nader again.

Frank Moore wrote:
why not vote for me?

Stavros wrote:
OK I’ll write you in!

Frank Moore wrote:
you won't regret it!

Stavros wrote:
You should have a fund raiser in LA at Gorky’s

Frank Moore wrote:
ah, i don't think it still exists...or duke's! folks, both were "hip" l.a. restaurants which tried unsuccessfully to discriminate against me!

Stavros wrote:
Since I made all my decisions, I mailed my ballot in. You should have at least one vote in Santa Clara County.

Frank Moore wrote:
i don't think you will be alone, stavros!


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