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Saturday, October 11, 2008

on the campaign trail


a woman waiting in line for the bathroom admired the little boxes that had held boxes of Equal Exchange tea, and Corey offered her to take as many as she wanted. She liked organizing things with boxes ... but she couldn't take any because she was on her bike, on her way to the Obama headquarters. Oh! Corey said ... I have a friend who's running for president! Really, she said? She wanted to make clear that she could not vote for anyone but Obama this time, even if she might like someone's position on some things a little bit more, there was just no other choice but Obama, because the alternative was McCain. Corey said ok, but would she like to see his platform? Sure! she said, she'd be happy to see it. So after she came out of the bathroom, Corey handed her a platform, and she just started reading it on the spot there in the 1st aisle ... loving it! "a minimum income of $1,000 a month ..." Wonderful! she said, "That's what I get now from social security ..." "... universal pre-natal-to-the-grave health care ..." "Great!" "... do away with tax deductions for over $12,000 income. Instead, there will be a flat tax ..." "Beautiful!" It went on and on like that ... she said that some countries, possibly Israel, actually make election day a holiday, but she didn't know if was paid or not ... She got to the 2nd page, going through each paragraph like that, and asked if she could keep this for herself. Yes!

Later in the afternoon, the woman Corey had talked with the other day, who was going door to door with a city council candidate, was back in the store again. She had read some of the platform, and liked it, and said that her son had read it and loved it!! He is 16 years old and very involved in politics, in school, etc. A "junior statesman" ... she suggested that he might want to bring Frank to his school to talk about his candidacy ...! Corey said Frank would love to do something like that, that he he had been invited at one point by a high school kid in southern California ...


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