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Saturday, October 11, 2008

follow-up with Loretta @ KALX

Blue House wrote:
I just talked with Loretta from KALX ... She had said she was going to send an email over the weekend with topics/questions for the interview which she was going to schedule this week, but we didn't get anything, so I gave her a call ... She was glad I called and said that she was going to use as a starting point a recent Glamour magazine article which interviews Obama & McCain on 6 major topics (below)... she is going to use this as a base for the interview. She said she is going to be scheduling the interview this week or next week ... it sounds like she is still trying for getting people into the studio, although Jesse Townley wants to do phone interviews ... She said she is excited! I told her that Frank wanted her to know that he is available for a follow-up interview, and explained why Frank wanted me to do the 10-11 minute phone interview, and told her more about Frank ... She said that was great! When I told her the way that Frank communicates, she seemed to know already and said very deeply, "He is amazing ... he is just amazing ..."
Pulling troops from Iraq
Equal pay for women and men
Fighting global warming
Health care for the uninsured
Overturning Roe v. Wade
Lowering gas prices

Linda Mac wrote:

do you feel like you can gather enough info on those six topics from things frank has already written, or do you need him to fill in any holes for you for the interview?

Hot shit!

Blue House wrote:
I can pull stuff for "Pulling troops from Iraq", "Fighting global warming ", and "Health care for the uninsured".

For "equal pay", it just seems obvious, but don't think Frank has written anything related to that ... same with Overturning Roe v. Wade.

About "Lowering gas prices", that might be the one thing I'm not sure of ...
Frank has an energy policy, but I'm not sure what I would say about it
reflecting on gas prices ....

Frank Moore wrote:
not only would i pull the troops safely and quickly out of iraq, i would do the same in afghanistan. moreover i would close down a large percentage of our foreign military bases.

i would pick people to be u.s. supreme court judges who have records of support of personal rights, freedoms, privacy, and choice.

i wouldn't do anything to directly lower gas prices because we need to ween ourselves of our addiction to oil. but by making all public mass transit free, 24/7, and reliable, it will lower the demand for gas, and hence lower gas prices. this is also true for my commitment to truely clean alternative energy sources, electric cars, my concept of local villages, etc. all of which also will be one step in stopping the human causes of global warming.

i will push for equal pay for equal work for everyone. i will expose the fact that this is not happening. i will place more value [includiing monitary] on the professions of caring such as teachers, nurses, home attendants, etc.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Frank Moore wrote:
and i keep forgetting...during both presidental debates, b-tv has aired one of my presidential specials. so in berkeley and surrounding cities you could switch channels between them and me! last night was carl bryant grilling me!


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