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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

on the campaign trail


David the notary was soon pulling up and Corey ran down to the PH. Frank had just written his response to Margaret Porter! The experience with David was so amazing ... he just soaked up the letter from Margaret and Frank's response, and then the Apollos Academy blog ... which he was responsible for! We could not have done it without his offering his notarizations for free for all of the paperwork for California and 24 other states! What a sweet guy! ... and he offered his services in 2012 if Frank should decide to run again! He had been talking to people about Frank too! Frank told him about how they didn't want to let him vote when he first went to vote, because they didn't think that he (a straight-A student) could read!! From that to running for President! it was so amazing all of what this campaign has opened up ...

Katherine was asking about more Frank Moore for President events, and Corey told her that the last one would be at the former Claremont, and she was asking if we would know how many votes Frank got ... Corey would probably have to do the research to find out ... a number of states just didn't really count them individually until they reached a certain percentage of the total vote ... hopefully we would be able to find out in California! He told her about D.C. in this context, and she was trying to think if she had any friends in D.C. ... yes, she did! She would ask her! Her boyfriend did work on the Hillary campaign, but hey, for a friend!? She was really happy to be airing all of Frank's presidential stuff ... she said, "How often does someone in Berkeley run for President??"

Then we were packing up and heading out to the bank and Peet's, and then off to poster by way of Hopkins to get some items to go with our free Peet's coffees! At the bank, we gave Princess and Zazu write-in handouts, and we told Zazu that we were in the How Berkeley Can You Be? parade and how much fun it was ... how everyone knew Frank from his BTV shows, etc. ... Zazu said yes! She said, "Everyone watches public access!" She wondered if Suzy was there too? She said bashfully that that is her boyfriend's favorite show. They both watch Frank's and Suzy's shows!

The woman at Hopkins recognized Alexi's Frank Moore for Pres. get-up and asked if Alexi was campaigning for Frank Moore?? She said that Frank comes in there all the time, and they really like it when he comes in!

Fueled on Peet's and bomboloni and muffins (and we tried a gorgonzola cheese twist too, which was yummy!), we headed right up to the Telegraph area, got a parking spot, finished our muffins, and then saddled up with all our paraphernalia, and hit the streets! It was a beautiful day, and lots of fun to be putting up the write-in Frank Moore/Susan Block fliers and the former-Claremont fliers too! We fliered all around People's Park and then up and down Telegraph, up and around Durant and Bancroft, getting them inside as many places as possible too. We had a lot of run-ins with different people ... There was the guy who stopped as we were putting up the fliers in front of Noah's bagels, wondering what it was about ... he said he was voting for Nader, but he took a platform to read up on Frank! Then we ran into a guy putting up fliers on the next block ... he told us the scoop for keeping fliers up in Berkeley these days. He said, "It’s legal to put them up, and it’s legal for the city to take them down." So if you want your flier to stay up for the longest period of time, you put them up after 3pm on Saturdays, and they will stay up until Monday morning.

On the next corner, we ran into another guy fliering for his own band at Blake's that night. He was glad to meet a fellow posterer, and asked us what we were doing? He was totally wowed to hear about Frank! He thought it was great! He took stacks of write-in handouts and luver fliers to put out on the table at his show, and he gave us a handful of posters to put up on our way back down Telegraph for him. It was great to see lots of posters up on Telegraph again -- reclaiming! Then this big jolly street kid came up to us, saying, "I love you guys! I love you guys!!" Taking our hands ... "What are you guys doing???!" We told him what we were putting up, and he couldn't believe it! He looked at the flier and said, genuinely, "Now that's the kind of face I want for my President!" He left with a platform, reading it ...

Then, on the next corner, there was Walter Funk, walking back from the UC Berkeley Engineering library ... We always see Walter when we are postering! Doesn't matter where we are, he comes strolling up! He said he was researching 3-D movies without glasses ... he said he has been working on this for some time, and has actually put on holographic film shows around the area, in SF ... not in the East Bay yet ... We were telling him the latest, which he had been catching a lot of on the e-salon too. He thought it was great!

In Amoeba, the guy behind the counter taking bags knew about Frank from watching him on BTV. He wanted a platform!

We had Niman burgers at Bongo Burger, and then were on to the south Berkeley area. We had called Whole Foods to see if they carried maple sugar ... they were out of it in bulk, and didn't have it packaged. When we got down to Shattuck, Alexi went into Eastern to pick up more staples, and Corey ran into Berkeley Bowl to see if they had maple sugar. Nothing! But there was a big poster board in Berkeley Bowl, so we headed there first and got some fliers up and hit the bathroom ... Then on our way out to hit some poles around the Bowl, these two guys walking past us noticed Alexi's Frank Moore for Pres. shirt and exploded, "Hey, cool!!!" "Frank Moore for President, right on!!" We asked them how they knew about Frank, and one guy said, "Well we always watch his show on public access, and then so we checked him out online ... " We asked if they had seen Frank's platform, and the one guy said, "Oh yeah, I am a big fan of his tax plan! 10% flat tax up to a million, and then up to 75%.!" We gave them more platforms and buttons, which they loved!

We fliered around Berkeley Bowl, and then headed straight down to the Long Haul, would poster our way back. There was a group of people inside, and we asked about leaving Frank Moore for Pres. stuff there, and the one guy near the counter said we could go ahead ... he said generally electoral politics stuff doesn't last long there ... but we could try it ... last time someone left some Zachary Running Wolf material there, it was taken away, but that might have been a personal thing ... He knew Frank was different ... he said personally he really liked it, knew that it was a whole different thing ... So we stuffed a bunch of platforms and put them right up there on the counter, and then put up fliers on their board too. The guy there said that his uncle runs for President every election ... he doesn't know how he does! We asked where he lives, and he lives in South Dakota. They don't allow write-in Presidential candidates there, so perhaps he gets himself on the ballot! He didn't know!

Then we went down to the Nomad cafe, left a bunch of stuffed platforms there too, next to another candidates packets we saw had been left there, and then postered our way down Shattuck back to the car, just in time to get home and get to BNG before they closed!

Linda showed Corey the letter from the 5th grader in Maryland when he came down with the chips, and Corey told everyone about it when he got back ... it was so moving ... we all wanted to go to Maryland!!! Blowing our minds ...

We saw Mikee' s email come in with the link to the blog about not wasting your vote! It was totally mind-blowing ... to see Frank included in that list, and to see other people looking at things in the same way that we do, and the possibilities that open up!

Richard Winger wrote:
All the states that have write-in filing procedures will tally the votes for the people who filed, except for evil Washington and Oregon. I am trying to get the Socialist Party presidential candidate to sue Oregon.

Frank Moore wrote:
it will be fun knowing how many votes we got!

if you know of a free lawyer, i will take on oregon and washington!

it doesn't look like we are getting d.c.


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