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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

more from the trail!


A canvasser girl was just going up to the PH when he walked up. He let her know that no one would answer (you guys had already gone to sleep) ... and asked her what she was canvassing for? She said Obama, and asked Corey if he was supporting Obama in November? Corey told her that this house and another down the street, we were all voting for Frank Moore for President. She asked, "What, you're going to pencil him in?" Did she know of Frank? No, she hadn't heard of him ... Yeah, we are going to write Frank in ... he's qualified in 25 states as a write-in candidate. Qualified? She didn't realize that you had to actually file for write-in status in most states. Well, what is he about? she asked ... Corey went over to the "take-one" box and pulled out a platform and write-in handout for her ... and she started reading it right there under the streetlamp ... She read the first platform, about getting rid of welfare and social security and giving everyone a $1,000/mo. guaranteed minimum income, and said, "Wow, that's great, that's a great idea! I wonder why no one else has ever talked about doing that." Corey told her about the recent blog that listed Frank as one of 7 candidates that could get the necessary electoral votes to win the presidential race, and he told her too that Frank is a performance artist and a shaman. She said, "Even better!" And as she walked on, she said, "Why can't we have someone like that for president!"

Richard Winger wrote:
This is a great story and I'm happy I get your e-mails.

The Socialist Party presidential candidate, Brian Moore, who has qualified status in 15 states now, also claims to be a potential winner, since combining his 15 write-in states with the 10 states where he is on the ballot, he is also at 270 electoral votes. So that would make 8 if one uses that method.

Frank Moore wrote:
that's right, richard. so it is 8 that have the possibility of winning.

i am getting ready to reveal our victory in mn. yesterday. in advance, i want to thank you for your role in this victory...and for all of your guidance to our campaign.


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