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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


wasting your vote/throwing your vote away is an interesting concept. it has some validity if you live in a swing state and if you don't want mccain to slip in even if obama doesn't turn you on. but it has no rational validity if you live in a solidly blue state like california...or solidly red state...and if you want the reality of possibility that i represent. in those states every vote for me is an effective and safe vote for the reality of possibility!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


A regular customer came in the store, a woman who is one of a pair of twins that come into the store all the time, both professional classical musicians, she plays cello, and her sister plays violin ... Corey realized he had never told her about Frank running for president, and when she asked how he was doing, he told her about the campaign! She was curious ... He went and grabbed her a platform, and she started reading it while she was filling her water bottles. She liked it! She asked if Corey would be voting for Frank? Yes! She said, ironically, "So don't you think you're "wasting" your vote?" He knew that she didn't think so, but was saying the common line ... Corey said that he looked at it from the complete 180 degrees from where most people are coming from when they say that ... She knew what he was going to say and finished his thought ... "You're voting for who you really want to see in office, who you think is the best person for the job, so you are not wasting your vote!" She said all these people gave her so much shit for voting for Nader in 2004, but that is who she wanted to be President ... people made her feel like such a betrayer. She said she really liked Frank's platform, agreed with everything in it ... but this year, she feels like she will probably vote for Obama just because she wants everyone to see McCain lose by a landslide ... She really liked Frank's picture too, liked his missing teeth! She said she has seen more and more people nowadays just going around with their missing teeth, not bothering to fix them ... and why not?! Rather than spend a ton of money on the dental bills, etc. Corey told her that it was the same for Frank, and he actually auctioned his off on the internet! She was impressed. And also that we had to doctor the photo because it was taken before he lost the tooth, and what other candidate would do that!?


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