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Friday, October 17, 2008

on the campaign trail


At the end of the day, the woman who Corey had given Frank's platform too, who was going door to door with City Council candidate Sophie Hahn, and had said that her son loved Frank's platform ... she was in again, and told Corey that she had finally finished reading Frank's platform. She really really liked it! It did just make sense, which is why Frank would never win in this climate! She really liked all of it a lot. Corey told her about the "Don't Waste Your Vote" blog, and she thought that was great -- she said something along the lines of that it was fun to think of the possibilities, but more than fun, it was important for people to know this.

And there were several other interactions from Monday that we forgot to put in the day ... Monday morning at BNG, Corey was in the cooler and said hi to a regular customer who he had talked with a week or so ago ... she was asking about his Frank Moore for President button, and one thing led to another, and she was interested in Frank's performance art too. She is a jazz singer, and performs locally ... Corey gave her the platform, and the url and too ... So Monday morning she was in the store, and she told Corey through the fridge doors that she had checked out the websites, and that once she had started checking them out, it was really hard to stop! The other thing was that later Monday, as we were getting ready to head out the door to Blake's, a DNC canvasser came to the door ... Corey was right there, and he told the young guy that this was a Frank Moore for President campaign house! He said he noticed that ... who is Frank Moore? Corey gave him a platform and told him that Frank was running for president for real, and was qualified in 25 states as a write-in candidate, and could potentially get the required 270 electoral votes if he were to carry the states in which he is qualified to receive votes. He said he would check out the platform! He said he really loved the house, and Corey told him that we built it from the ground up, pretty much ... he saw Jen in the background and asked if they were partners, and then caught himself, saying that was a personal question ... Corey said that all of us here were friends and students of Frank's too, as Frank is a shaman as well, and we all study with him ... He asked if we do "ceremonies" here, and Corey said well, no, but have had performances here, and live bands perform here for LUVeR, and he gave him a LUVeR flier too. He was really impressed. He said we had made a very good life here with Frank, and he would check all this out. He was thrilled when Corey gave him a button and a bumper sticker too!!!


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