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Friday, October 24, 2008

Comment posted on "Frank Moore at "How Berkeley Can You Be?" Parade 2008"

Craig Glassner wrote:
Hi Frank. It's Ranger Craig on the Rock! Frank Edward Nora (who I've been talking with for some time - we did a few podcasts about Alcatraz a year or so ago) has asked me to be on his podcast again to talk about you. I let him know (when I heard him talk about your campaign for president - which he is actively supporting) that I knew you, mentioned your (amazing) performance art - history - and how I kind of helped get you "online" (I kinda miss our old Atari computers - I'm using a Mac these days). I don't know if I can do this (as a federal employee subject to the Hatch Act) but if I can I wanted to make sure that it was OK with you that I discuss our (back then) history.

I must admit that I am still trying decide how to vote. I've (literally) voted for NOBODY (back in the 70s - the candidate that was supported by Wavy Gravy and the Yippies! who was the only candidate that would end the war, support the environment, etc.), I've voted for 3rd party candidates, but I'm so SO tired of the Republican regime that I am tempted to vote for Obama this time as a "lesser of two evils. I must admit I'm a bit embarrassed by this, but I regret having voted my conscious a while back allowing Bush1 winning control. Oh, I know it wasn't ME voting that got senior in office, but, well, our system is so fucked up I felt bad when he won.
You know, back when we were more in touch we talked about you coming out to the Rock. I would really love to show you around some time. It's really an interesting place. We would have fun if you came out!


Frank Moore wrote:
hi, craig! ah, that was pre-web days when we found each other on the GENIE bbs!

great about you being on frank's show to talk about me! we're debuting his show on luver this friday night. repeat myself....the voting for the lesser of 2 evils is a powerful con for maintaining the status quo. if you are in a "swing" state, voting for obama just to make sure that mccain doesn't slip in makes some rational sense. but not in states like california...IF you like my platform better than his. your vote for nader in california did not let bush in for various reasons. so your guilt isn't founded in fact...most guilt isn't! so don't throw your vote away...if my platform speaks to you, vote for me! such a vote is a vote for the new possibilities!

and how about this spring for THE ROCK?

Craig Glassner wrote:
Your "swing state" argument makes a lot of sense to me. Thanks. Spring, summer, winter or fall works for me - just come visit!

Ranger Craig coming to you from the tubes.

Frank Moore wrote:
so can i depend on your vote?


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