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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Frank Moore is a screwball

Blue House wrote:
I posted Frank's platform on energy and climate change on craigslist Oregon, and was posted after ...

Frank Moore is a screwball

So Frank Moore wants us all to live in small villages connected to mass transit? What happens to all the big cities that exist? If you took away most of the combustion engines in the major cities and put an emphases on mass transit or produced electric cars or hybrid cars you could create a much healthier environment, why would people have to live in small villages?

His ideas seem to be unrealistic at best. He says that he promotes free public mass transit,well who will pay for it? He says he is also for legalizing drugs yet he turns around and says that tobacco should require a prescription. He proposes that he will do away with welfare and social security and give every adult American a minimum income of $1,000 a month. What happens to the safety net for people who have been laid off, and people with disabilities, and people nearing retirement age? Don't they need that social security and don't the severely disabled need some form of assistance?

If he completely does away with welfare and social security just how exactly is he going to "guarantee employment" for millions of Americans out of work and not receiving any money? Just think how desperate millions of Americans will become if you leave them jobless, with no social security, or food stamps, and with no money to eat or provide shelter over their heads when they are out of work, crime will triple.

What he says sounds enticing but it really doesn't make any sense at all, and why would I vote for a candidate who stands absolutely NO chance at all to win?

Frank Moore wrote:
a screwball, eh? well, pitchers will tell you that screwballs are very useful, especially if they are controlled/focused.

cities are actually networks of small villages. living in terms of small villages is much more effective on every level. the less energy we use the better, no matter what kind of energy.

see my platform at to see how we will pay for our proposals. the combination of the guaranteed minimum income of $1,000 a month, lifetime free education, and universal free health care [including long term care and home attendants] will form an effective safety net.


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