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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Good luck in the election...

Twisterbait wrote:
You guys are going to win this time.

Then there'll be no more of this...

Good luck!

Frank Moore wrote:
yep, i and susan just might win this sucker! more and more people are saying they WILL vote for us!

Twisterbait wrote:
Here’s hoping all the votes get counted properly this time… you’ve got mine mentally (being a UK citizen), for a fully functioning democracy!

Frank Moore wrote:
actually some states refuse to count write-ins...even officially qualified write-in candidates...which is illegal!

Twisterbait (Brendan Fitchew) wrote:
I’m sad to say that doesn’t surprise me, taking into account the blatancy of the other illegal vote-removing methods that have been used successfully in the past.

Here’s something I’ve just sent out in the hope it might catch a few undecided folks out there…

Terrorism relies on people's fear of an enemy.

There is no enemy other than fear.

It's a tool that's been cunningly and callously used throughout history to physically empower those who are themselves ruled by it.

It's instilled in Americans every day, because without it the US could not have its democracy, constitution, civil liberties and freedom removed from the hands of its people.

'Terrorists' spread terror to justify actions which only they benefit from while those who support them are left disillusioned, poor, homeless, childless or dead, and devoid of rights.

If you're looking for an alternative to fear, may I suggest you vote for this guy:

Frank Moore wrote:
brendan, thanks for your endorsement!


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