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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

on the campaign trail


There was the call from the polygamist group! Corey went down to call Carlene ... amazing! She loved all of Frank's platform ideas that Corey talked about in response to her candidate survey ... this would be reaching 30,000 polygamist voters in Utah! She was especially struck by the simple masterful concept of family that Frank outlines in the platform ... marriages would be left to churches, etc. ... but any 2 or more people who have lived together for more than 2 years can register as a family, and receive all the benefits and protections that married couples receive today. An amazing call, and she would be sending the list of questions to Frank as well so that he could expand on some of the ideas!

Then we were parking in downtown Berkeley, and getting started! We plastered all of downtown Berkeley. We realized that it was much easier to do a postering night in Berkeley on a Saturday night, plus we knew now that they would stay up until Monday! Much easier than going out on a Friday night after a full day of work and all the other Friday evening activities. We wore our red, white & blue cowboy hats, which people really like, and made our way through downtown, plastering! People were curious, and we handed out platforms to several people along the way. At a cafe about halfway through our route, we ran into this older scraggly guy and a young black guy at the back of the cafe near the poster board. They both knew about Frank running for President. The older guy said that he and Frank are legendary! We asked him what he was legendary for?! He said he didn't want to toot his own horn, and tried to get the younger guy to tell us, but it didn't work, so he confided that he has sold enormous amounts of pot in his lifetime, a proud member of NORML. We told him about Frank's platform on legalization, and he already knew about it. He really liked Frank, loved the platform, and said that people think that this is some kind of a joke when they see Frank's picture, but this is a very substantive serious platform that Frank has. The younger black guy knew that Frank was running too, but hadn't read the platform, and we gave him one, and left him reading it ... totally engrossed. We gave the older guy a button too, which he loved!

We postered our way back to the car ... a succesful night of fliering. It was so neat to experience first hand how effective the fliering is, and how many people are being exposed to Frank ...

At bng, on an early break with Nai and Kao, they were watching the news, and Nai was asking why they never talk about Frank on the news if he is one of 7 or so candidates who could actually win the presidency. Kao said that they don't even cover some of the more well known 3rd party candidates, because they don't want people to know about anyone except the parties in power, they don't want to allow for the other possibilities.

Corey was also telling folks about the call from Utah, and the 30,000 potential votes in Utah! Jennifer said that she liked Frank's platform about marriage -- it made a lot of sense!

Checking off the new milk guy, Tom, telling him the latest about Frank's campaign ... and then back into the cooler to do the milk delivery ... Kevin of Cultured (raw sauerkraut), Alex's husband, was doing his semi-regular delivery to the store ... The last time he was there, Corey was outside checking off the milk order and talking to Bruce about the campaign ... and Corey told him about Frank running for President ... he sort of knew about it, but was totally impressed to learn that it was completely for real! Now, Corey had a chance to hand him a platform, and he was really glad to get it, saying he and Alex were going to check it out! Corey also told him about the call from Utah, which he was totally amazed by, and as he was leaving, saying, Frank could get the polygamist vote in Utah!

Also, in the morning at some point, Steve Levine of Excellent Paper Supply was in the store, doing his order for BNG, and Corey and he started chatting about the election. He was disgusted with the process ... he didn't like that his local polling place had been shut down and his only choice for voting now was to do it by mail. That was not an anonymous vote, they knew where it was coming from, especially out where he lived in the country in Napa ... He much preferred to go into the polling place and push the buttons, and turn in his ballot, but since Napa county was closing down scores of polling places, he imagined that the Napa elections department didn't share his point of view! Corey asked him if he had told him about Frank running for President? He had, and Steve had also read the platform ... Steve said, so I can't look for his name on the ballot, right? I have to write him in? Frank Moore? M-O-O-R-E? Ok. Well, I am going to vote for Frank, I'll write him in. !

Corey wrote up the email about the Minnesota letter to Richard Winger, and it wasn't long before he responded, and then Corey talked to him by phone too. What would we do without Richard!? Amazing! ... reading his blog post later, it was amazing how he could just pull up these court cases to illustrate his point, and now we could use this as well when Corey called Minnesota Monday morning!

We went into Cafe International, and saw Zahara again, the owner ... it had been quite some time. We told her that Frank was running for President! She said, Really?? "Well, he'll be better than this," and she pulled out a color copy of McCain's head with Palin next to him, actually her face on a nude playboy-type model's body! We gave her the platform and she started reading it, loving everything ... She took a button too and put it right on. And told the guy waiting for coffee behind us that he should vote for Frank! She said, "He'll get some votes through me, because I have a lot of influence in this neighborhood!"


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