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Saturday, December 27, 2008


At the end of the day, at a really busy moment, there was Alden Bryant, chipper and smiling as always, saying hi and telling Corey that he was a little worse for wear, had a bit of a limp from an injury, and had been sick ... Corey saw his wife at the store all the time, but this was the first time he had seen Alden there in years ... Alden asked about the Blue House, having been in it when it was still under construction, and mentioned how we had taped that great program at UC Berkeley ... He said that he and others were about to put out a 45-page "Climate Pyramid" treatise that covered methodically all the changes that needed to be made at the different levels of society in terms of switching energy sources in order to deal with the climate problem ... Corey said that Aldent could always send things like this to Frank! Alden asked, "So how did Frank do in the campaign?" As in votes ... Corey said he did great!! We had just found out that Frank got 36 votes in California, which was amazing. It was never about the votes, but was a lot of fun to find out ... Alden was very impressed, and made the thumbs up sign, saying, "Well, one of those was me!" Totally blew Corey's mind! Wow! That's great!

Frank Moore wrote:
alden bryant helped draft the original kyoto protocols for the u.n. so gettting his vote is huge!


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