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Friday, June 23, 2006

Minimum Income

From: Voter
To: Frank Moore

Subject: Minimum Income

You are so right about the minimum income with health care.
Minimum income also gives the bottom, leisure time, and without leisure time, your opinion can't count, because arent't involved. You are always working an less likely to even vote. I was listening to a 86 year activist speak from NYC and she said, that Americans rank like 64 against Europe and other countries for leisure and that is why we can't get out the vote. Leisure was a part of the economics of labor and time in the 50's and part to reason we had political involvement in the 60's.

From: Frank Moore
To: Voter

Subject: Minimum Income

Exactly. We work longer hours then the europeans. They have paid vacations just as a matter of course. When the N.E.A. came under attack in the 90s, I quipped they were attacking the wrong agency. More artists I knew didn't get their money from the N.E.A., but from S.S.I. for being crazy or/and a crip!


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