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Monday, June 26, 2006


From: Jen & Nic (from Canada)
To: Frank Moore
Subject: you JUST MAKE SENSE!

We hope you had an amazing birthday party!!! It seems at 60 you are really moving into high gear! And we love your platform for presidency! A lot of your ideas are the same as ours. Nic has always talked about a flat tax and we've always thought pot should be legal and taxed – that would bring in A LOT of money. It would make that $12,000/year for everyone easily possible. Treating drug addiction like an illness instead of a crime would change society drastically. And making prisons a place for reform is desperately needed. As for healthcare and education, free for all just makes sense. So, your party name is very appropriate! We wish we could vote for you! I will endorse you to all my friends down there!


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