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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

RE: a run-in with someone from the peace & freedom party

From: Kevin Akin
To: Frank Moore
Sent: Saturday, January 26, 2008 7:34 AM
Subject: RE: a run-in with someone from the peace & freedom party


I received an e-mail from Maureen Smith forwarding your message with the report from Corey and Alexi about running into someone in Berkeley. I am afraid that Norma Harrison may not have been remembering the SEC discussion clearly, so I thought I would pass along to you what the State Executive Committee actually discussed when your name came up late in the summer.

We are required to submit to the Secretary of State a list of people who are generally recognized as candidates for the Peace and Freedom Party nomination for president. We reviewed about 20 names, but found that about half were people who did not appear to have any significant support as candidates for our nomination. I think we spent about 3 minutes (more than average) on your candidacy. We thought your campaign sounded interesting, but we thought that you had no significant actual support within the party for our nomination, and that is the basis on which we decided not to list your name. We may have been wrong, but that is what we decided, and why.

I suspect that Norma is confusing you with another possible candidate we discussed, also from the Bay Area, who appears to be a right-wing gentleman of rather intense eccentricity and military background. He is the only one of whom several people said they really didn't want him on a Peace and Freedom Party ballot.

There are 7 names on our ballot for president, as things ended up, and all but one have clearly significant support from members and at least some activists. (The other one, Stanley Hetz, is a former Senate candidate from Pennsylvania, who appeared at the time to have support, but no longer appears to have much.) It will be interesting to see the results, though the vote is only advisory. The actual nominees will be determined at the State Convention on the first weekend in August, by vote of all those who are elected in the June primary as members of the Central Committee.

I just wanted to assure you that the members of the Peace and Freedom Party State Executive Committee have absolutely nothing against you, in fact wish you well, but left your name off the list purely due to our assessment of actual support from P&F activists. That is what we are supposed to do, to pick those who have some support within the party, not to pick those we favor. (And those selected have sharply varying opinions on all sorts of issues.)

I wish I could say that I remember you from 1968, when I was active in Riverside in forming the party, and busy going to meetings when I wasn't bird-dogging for registrars, but I am afraid that most of the faces from that period have grown dim in memory. I was a young guy with a rather wispy beard, but that will not distinguish me in your memory from all the other young guys with wispy beards. I do remember lots of meetings with folks from San Bernardino next door, but I don't remember as much about them as I would like.

With best wishes for you and your campaign, Kevin Akin, South State Chair, Peace and Freedom Party

Frank Moore wrote:
thanks for writing, kevin. it was probably for the best. i have more freedom this way. i have been busy the last couple of a campaign speech in a cafe, writing an article for a british magazine about my campaign, having a swedish tv crew shooting a story about me...and now german radio wants do a story! it is quite overwhelming the response we are getting. but it would have been fun to run for my party.

i want to invite whomever your candidate turns out to be to be on my internet/cable tv show to discuss the issues.

i was the guy in the wheelchair with a head pointer. i went to san bernardino valley j.c., then state. funny, today my philosophy professor from valley emailed me, discovering me on the web!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Dorothy Jesse Beagle wrote:
How forgettable are you? And could you really be mixed up with an old RIGHT WING" gentleman of rather intense eccentricity and military background"

and was it really just a mish-mash of 'platforms' with none standing out???? Well, it's his/their loss - with them you would be nithing but a PEACE AND FREEDOM candidate and without them you are sought so far by four countries of the world and NUMEROUS outstanding sites and publications of this country, as an OUTSTANDING candidate.

bUT OH WELL, how graciously you answered!!!!!!



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