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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tom Sanders Introduction at Cafe Leila

Here is the text of Tom's introduction at thye recent campaign stop at Cafe Leila in Berkeley, CA on January 22, 2008.

Why I Support Frank Moore for President
Tom Sanders

I'm here to speak for the largest political group in the U.S.--those who don't register to vote--who prefer a vote on the board of directors of the big corporations instead of candidates for government offices.

All the candidates for U.S. President seem to be trying to become the leader of the campaign against the 10 commandnents--except for Frank Moore--who thinks that they should be cut down to only 9-and above all--to leave out the one against adultery.

I also agree with Frank that all the candidates should be medically treated for assification of the heart and fatty degeneration of the mind.

Frank says that it's been claimed that "mankind" (note the word) took "its first giant step" on the moon & he asks why they couldn't have taken that "giant step" here on earth?

Frank Moore is fully aware that elections in this country serve as fever thermometers that tell our owners and rulers how near death we are--or how close to revolution we are.

Mr. Moore is under no illusions about the U.S. Presidency. In fact, he pities the poor presidents who have to attack Grenada, Panama, Libya, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Iraq--etc. So he won't be forced to ride slowly in an open car, with the motorcycle cops pulled back away from it, in some Dallas Dealy plaza somewhere.

Frank & I agree that voting for a liberal democrat for any office is like voting for the liberal wing of the german Nazi party. We are both amazed that some so-called leftist democrats claim to support the Cuban revolution since the Democratic Party is the largest U.S., devoted since 1960, to destroying the Cuban revolution.

And, then there's the war on drugs to make the world safe for alcoholism--led by the current religious nut alcoholic President.

Every day has been white collar crime day since this country was stolen from the Native Americans, but it seems to have gotten worse with a never ending march--resulting in a new # 1 growth industry: prisons.

Thus, we now know we suffer from the modern plague of spiritual emptiness. A capitalist faith that has deformed the human spirit.

All of this seems to be from some other hour, stolen from the clock of some other place. An echo calls out to Frank from across time-demanding justice now! He's fully aware that when it's 12 noon in Washington, D.C. It's still the year 1860 in the African American communities, that they are owed reparations for both slavery and segregation, that the biggest temples are the office work skyscrapers, that there are no cathedrals there because the true religion of today is money, that terrorism is the weapon of the poor & a surface symptom of disorder in civilization, that we still worship the golden calf--the system of capitalism is our golden calf.

Our poor have been trampled into the dust of the earth that is polluted by poisons. Our rulers have broken the everlasting covenants & made a new one with death.

Above all, beware of false prophets, the ones who have great power & speak for the wealthy who cheat the righteous for gold & starve the poor for pennies. No one needs to defend these words themselves. They are unassailable & they will never wear out. Thousands of years will not change them; time will not touch them. Life & death have been set before us--choose life! Vote for Frank Moore!

20 jan. 2008


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