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Friday, October 31, 2008

on the campaign trail

Corey got on the phone with Minnesota! He was put straight through to Nancy Breems, the woman who had signed the rejection letter to Frank, and talked over with her our contest of that decision, and the reasons, and mentioned Richard, and that we needed to have this resolved that day because of the impending deadline the next day! She put Corey on hold for a short time, and when she came back, she said that she was not the "end all, be all" of this elections department, so she needed to go over this with their legal counsel and she would have to get back to us. Corey suggested that he could email an article directly addressing this very issue, and she said that would be fine, and gave him the email to send it to. As soon as they were off the phone, Corey sent her the link to Richard's article, and then we started writing the day, and the usual morning stuff .... within about a half hour or so, she was calling back to let us know that their legal counsel had shown her her error in interpreting the requirements and that Frank was now a qualified write-in candidate for President, and Susan a qualified write-in candidate for Vice-President in Minnesota! Yay!!!

At BNG, it was the usual Monday morning activities ... fresh off the call to Minnesota, Corey was telling everyone what had happened. Amazing! Cindy, Nai were very impressed with the victory. Corey saw Steve Levine of Excellent Paper Supply again in the morning, in the store to check on BNG's stock, etc. Corey gave him a platform and a button this time, so that he was sure how to write in Frank and Suzy's names. He loved getting the button!

Corey told Jasmine all about Minnesota while they were stocking in the same aisle, and she really got it, really got how the government blocks access to the people, and how the whole thing is set up that way. She said, "What you don't know, CAN hurt you!" She said that she was telling her 12 year-old daughter about Frank running for President, and she was amazed and excited. She thought that there were only Obama and McCain! She didn't realize that anyone could run for President!

Corey called New York one more time to try and finally confirm Frank's write-in filing acceptance there. He left a message for Lisa, the woman he had been talking to, and she called back during our lunch break. It was official: Frank Moore and Susan Block are qualified write-in candidates for President/Vice-President in New York state!

On the way home from work, Corey put on the rw&b cowboy hat, and went door to door along Gilman's shops giving people platforms ... the response was mixed! Mostly people were surprised! What is this ...??? While the chiropracter glowered at Corey, and the BNG regular stood corrected (Corey was not supporting Bob Barr, but this Frank Moore!), the gal behind the counter was, with jaw dropped, looking over the platform Corey had just handed her!

We headed out with our cowboy hats on and hands full of stuffed platforms! We stopped by J.P.s first to invite him to the election night party, and then went door to door, leaving Frank's platform in the most obvious place we could, usually on the front door mats, or tucked into screens or in the door ... It was fun! Really a trip to think of all these people checking out Frank's platform ... We went all the way up Curtis to Marin, and then back up Neilson ... It got dark, and we ran out a little before Francis. So we headed home, reading the passage about the Brotherhood of the Spirit that we came upon in the cookbook that we had picked up along the way -- wow!! Then we picked up more platforms, hit a few more places on Curtis on the way to Gilman, and then went back up Neilson from the other side, completing that block! Really fun, and a workout, going up and down all those stairs!

When we got up to the Monterey Market area, we gave a platform to the gal with her Obama Biden table set up outside Monterey Market. She had met Frank already, and said that he is a "very nice gentleman" and wished us luck!

We bought the olive oil, and then wheeled down the set of shops there on Hopkins ... it wasn't the best time to electioneer with shop owners because it was the end of the day, and they were busy with last minute shoppers, etc. We went past Gioia pizza, hovering there for a few minutes and looking at the write-ups posted on their windows ... the cute girl working inside came over to the order window and asked us what was up? We told her we were checking out the pizza, and also handing out platforms for Frank Moore for President! We gave her one ... and she started reading it right there ... we did a little u-turn ... the guy in the liquor store was really busy too, so we would just head home, postering our way back ... She was still reading it! We asked her what she thought, and she came over pointing to a paragraph, and saying, "Well, I don't think I like this!" It was the paragraph about marriage ... She asked what was Frank getting at there? Did he not want the government to expand their concept of marriage? We explained that Frank wanted government to stay out of how people define their relationships totally, so people can get married or celebrate their relationships in whatever way they want to, but the government will afford all forms of relationships of 2 or more people the same rights and benefits. After talking about it for a bit, she really got it. She asked who Frank was, and we told her that he is an artist, a performance artist here in Berkeley ... he himself lives in a tribal relationship of 7 people. She said, "Hmmm .... sounds very ... intimate ..." We said yes ... And then her boss had to yank her back inside to serve up pizza! And we were off to put up fliers and head home.


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