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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Re: Frank received a rejection letter from Minnesota yesterday ...

John The Baker wrote:
wow ! that is like the best thing . in these times of voter fraud and purges. having a victory so huge is commendable. thank you frank moore , I am so proud to know you as my friend. Sometimes I get caught up in , "well a third party candidate is a waste of time", type of thinking and so to see a victory of this magnitude from the dilligence of one man and his friends is truly inspiring !

thanks you so much for staying focused and pour of heart. your innocent approach to this process allows this type of changes in our system. I am overjoyed ! Now I will always believe that other party candidates can make a difference, I will explain this to people using your experience in MN as an example of just how a lone wolf candidate can make a difference just by standing up with persistance to do the right thing.

wow. i am a changed person. thanks once again for helping me frank.
John the Baker

Frank Moore wrote:
john, what a wonderful letter/email! it fuels me/us! it means a lot to me. what we have here is a feedback inspire me, i inspire you, we inspire others, and so on. there have been thousands of these feedback loops during the campaign [not to mention in life in general]. people who say "but you can't win!" don't understand. we are expanding the possibilities in very concrete ways. btw, today in the mail there was the official apology from mn.!

Susan Block wrote:
Wow, tears are flowing, tears of joy that our campaign makes such a dif...
Xo suzy

P.S. Frank: You and the campaign should be on Twitter:

Frank Moore wrote:
yes, indeedie!


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