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Saturday, December 27, 2008

vote count in NY ...

we are still finding sites talking about our campaign!

ePlaya :: View topic - I say vote for *Frank Moore* and Dr. Suzy Block!

hey, your great x-mas card! you asked what will be our next adventure. i never know. i didn't plan to run for president. i just always.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Richard Winger wrote:
I'm glad the post office did its job and delivered both my Christmas card to you, and your earlier great card to me. And we will see if we get any progress in the next few months against any of those jurisdictions that treated write-ins badly...D.C. and Pennsylvania are likely to get sued!

Frank Moore wrote:
how about ny?

Richard Winger wrote:
New York did report write-ins for all the declared presidential candidates, but you are perhaps saying many didn't get counted??? This is news to me.

Frank Moore wrote:
yep...i don't know about "many"...but 2, and perhaps 3, told me they voted for us in n.y.

Richard Winger wrote:
If you can tell me what city or town or county they live in, I would like to know that. It seems that New York city always does a bad job...were they in NY City?

Frank Moore wrote:
fred and harley, you both live in nyc, right?

Fred Hatt wrote:
Yes, I live in NYC, Brooklyn or Kings County to be more precise. I wrote in Frank for pres.

Frank Moore wrote:
thought so! so there is the smoking gun! we don't have any way of knowing how many votes we actually got!


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