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Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Running Mate

Susan Marilyn Block, Ph.D.

Part philosopher, part therapist, part humorist and part-time horny housewife, Dr. Susan M Block is a world-renowned sex educator, best-selling author, award-winning documentary filmmaker, art dealer, cable TV host and political activist running for Vice President on the Frank Moore Presidential ticket. A familiar face on HBO's late-night programming through her #1 Nielsen-rated show, Radio Sex TV and her episodes on Real Sex, she also hosts The Dr. Susan Block Show, rated by The LA Weekly as “The Best of LA Phone-In Shows,” airing weekly on cable TV stations around the world, from Hollywood to the Holy Land.

“One of the nation’s leading sexologists, and a very bright and funny woman to boot,” according to Robert Scheer in The LA Times, “our favorite boudoir revolutionary…a cross between Camille Paglia and Oprah Winfrey,” opines LA New Times, and a “genius” according to Penthouse, Block is a dedicated sex therapist with one of the world's largest private practices, in addition to her roles in front of and behind the camera. She is executive director of the Dr. Susan Block Institute, located in a 17,000 square foot LA facility, including offices, seminar areas, movie theater, broadcast and editing suites, film and art studios, Dr. Suzy’s Speakeasy and the Speakeasy Gallery of Erotic Art. "Dr. Block's cult status as an educator is enormous" writes Cosmo. "Frank, funny, thoughtful, sensual...Dr. Suzy always bases her explicit patter on a foundation of academic reasoning and considerable experience,” writes Tom Quinn in Entertainment Today . “And…she makes you feel good."

A magna cum laude graduate of Yale University (BA, Theater Studies, With Distinction), Block went on to study at UC Berkeley and San Francisco State, receiving her masters and doctorate in philosophy with an emphasis in psychology from Pacific Western. Her first book, Advertising for Love, forecast the current online dating explosion. Her second book, Being A Woman, a popularization of her doctoral thesis on Dr. Toni Wolfe’s theory of feminine psychology, became a NY Times bestseller. Her third book, The 10 Commandments of Pleasure has been published in 15 countries (coming soon to Israel, where her cable TV show is a big hit). Creator of the award-winning documentary series, Encyclopedia of Sex, Block is an active member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. She has been featured in numerous documentaries and appeared on multiple radio and TV shows, from Oprah to Today. Her TV series “Dr. Suzy’s Squirt Salons” was featured in the Barcelona Erotic Film Festival and the Cinekink Film Festival, and her music video “Blonde Island: Funk Me” recently held its World Premiere at the LA Erotica Film Festival, and will have its East Coast Premiere at Cinekink this February. She is now making a documentary called “Speakeasy” with award-winning filmmaker (“Ears Open, Eyeballs Click”) Canaan Brumley, First Prize winner at the Marseille Film Festival.

Chosen as one of "America's Greatest Thinkers" (twice) by the Great American Think-Off, and dubbed "the Erin Brockovitch of the Bonobo" by Salon, Block is an active advocate of the extremely endangered bonobos, using their highly sexual, non-violent and gender-egalitarian "lifestyle" as a prototype for her philosophy of Peace through Pleasure. She is a visiting lecturer in the Human Sexuality Department at University of Southern California (USC), and at her alma mater Yale University, as well as a founder, coordinator and regular lecturer at “Sex Week at Yale” (now in its fourth season). Also a consultant to the LA Public Defenders' Office (Sex Crimes Division), her columns on sex, health, politics and culture are published in various print and online magazines, from Counterpunch to Perfect 10, besides appearing in her own online Journal, and are touted as "among the most readable to come out of LA" by Steve Mikulan in The LA Weekly. Championed as a freedom fighter by Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Jimmy Breslin in NY Newsday, Dr. Block (acting in pro per) won an extremely important legal battle over First and Fourth Amendment Rights with the LA Police Department (screenplay in development). Recently profiled in The LA Weekly’s famous 2007 “People Issue,” she also won a major battle for Freedom of Speech on cable TV with former Adelphia CEO, John J. Rigas, recently sentenced to 15-20 years in prison for fraud.

Though a woman of deeply held “Blue Values,” Block is remarkably popular in the so-called “Red States.” N. Carolina’s QZ Magazine, in a recent cover story on her, calls Block “a modern-day Queen Esther” and “sex pioneer whose work has put the topic of pleasure on the table, one of the most important social developments on this continent ever, saving us from sexual repression.”

Block can be reached at her office at 213.749.1330, or via e-mail at


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